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Yoga and Nutrition

By Sara Granström-Thorsson

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Yoga has always been a tool for optimizing health on all levels. Different practices support the body in a way that also makes it possible for the mind to, over-time, developits capacity for focus and stillness. A big part of that journey is about nutrition and how we can benefit both in the yoga practice and in our daily life from choosing good things to eat.

Ayurveda is the oldest health system from India, and the sister science to yoga. It is here we find the inspiration for the “yogic diet” and this philosophy talks about more than just what kinds of food that we eat, but also about how we live our lives in general.

“You are what you eat” is a common saying which probably makes sense to most people, but Ayurveda would go one step further and say, “How you eat also makes you who you are”.

For me personally, the interest in nutrition and Ayurveda grew naturally from wanting to learn more about yoga. I can now see how closely these subjects work together and support each other. In my opinion you need to “practice” nutrition just as you practice yoga!

Sara completed her Centered Yoga Training in June 2005. She is a dedicated and focused student of yoga, which is evident in her teaching and sharing of the practices. Sara has studied both Pranayama and Asana intensively and is a senior graduate of Centered Yoga Institute. She teaches yoga regularly in Stockholm, Sweden, and is developing her own centre on Gotland, Sweden. In addition, Sara is a student of and practitioner of Ayurveda and nutrition. Sara spends about four months a year teaching and running retreats at Samahita Retreat. To view the retreat schedule please click here.

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