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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
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“And he that strives to touch the stars, Oft stumbles at a straw.” ~ Edmund Spenser

Samahita Centered Foundation

Karma Yoga and Charity Work

Samodhana is the Sanskrit word referring to giving of one’s labor, physical work, for a cause beyond yourself. The aim of Centered Foundation is to serve our community through such karma yoga activity in the community we live in. We hope to provide more than just monetary means to bring positive changes to those less fortunate. We provide the opportunity for our students to connect with the local community in ways they would not normally get to do. During every Foundation Training course, and at other times throughout the year, we find opportunities for karma yoga projects.

Our main work on the Koh Samui has been renovating local schools and temples, beach clean up projects and now has expanded into supporting our charity work in other countries.

As Gandhi’s quote states, by absorbing yourself in this work that has a great impact on others though you may never materially benefit from, a tremendous impact happens for the heart. For a while at least we can forget about ourselves and put all our energy and attention into work for others. The feeling and growth that comes from this is only to be experienced and not to be broadcasted.

We would like to thank all the students who have freely given of their time and effort and others who physically could not help but donated money to change these schools and the children within them.

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