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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
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“Remember to always dream. More importantly to make those dreams come true and never give up.” ~ Dr. Robert D. Ballard

International Workshops and Teaching Programs

From time to time our students invite Paul to come and teach in their home countries, giving us the opportunity to share our teachings with many more students. We’ve come to appreciate through our travels that the beauty of the practice is that it’s universal, with all people everywhere reaping the same benefits and sharing similar aptitudes, challenges, and desires.

Because we rarely spend more than a few days in one place, we are well aware that a student cannot develop a practice over, say, a weekend. The point, then, is to present the practices cleanly, and to offer guidance and advice on areas that might be troubling the students in attendance.

We also try to lift up their practice while inspiring and motivating them. This comes from the teacher’s personal dedication and love of yoga, which is essentially a love of right living and unity among all peoples.

Yoga helps us to live better in the world; not run away from it. We become stronger, clearer, content. Our compassion towards others grows, while our frustrations and irritations begin to fall away. All in all, we become better able to handle all that life throws at us. But yoga also requires commitment and practice over a long period of time; it is a continual process of working on ourselves.

These workshops are therefore intended to help us along in our individual lifelong journeys. At the same time, they focus on specific aspects of yoga, helping you refine and deepen your practice.

All workshops, intensives, and retreats are led by Paul. You are welcome to join us.

Paul’s workshop schedule