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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
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“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” ~Theodore Roosevett

Centered Yoga, as a leader and early pioneer in Trainings, offers its students:

Experience, Longevity, Quality

Centered Yoga Training

The Centered Yoga Training programs are for both those interested to teach yoga and for those who want to go deeper and further with practice.

These programs reach the highest standard of education in yoga today due to unparalleled experience in all the range of yoga practices on a traditional and classical level as well as advanced study and research into modern science and yoga practice.

It is a unique combination of the spiritual with the scientific, the traditional with the modern. It has taken years of practice and study by Paul and the course leaders for it to reach such a standard.

Our goal is to share clear insights into yoga along with correct understanding of practice in terms of how and why. This is revolutionary to practice, moving away from any dogmatic “must do” approaches to freedom in practice with personal expression in what to practice, built on the keys and principles of asana and not on the rigid form.

Centered Yoga reaches much further than asana and in so doing can help your physical asana practice to go much further through optimal use in training of the body and breath along with increased understanding of the purpose behind each practice and yoga overall while being educated on anatomy, physiology, psychology and philosophy behind yoga and its practices.

Centered Yoga began cultivating students into teachers in 1999, first based in New York City, and since 2002 from its current home in Thailand. It has, in effect, been a leader in the field of yogic education and training. In recent years a plethora of programs have popped up all over the world. You, as the interested student looking to train are now presented with a disarray of choices. We are not here to “sell” you on our program, nor convince you, as anyone who applies has to go through an involved application process. We seek sincere students. That is why we have led 39 programs since 1999, all under direct personal contact in limited size groups, that involve sharing and guiding, with a unique hand of deep experience in the field of yoga. These points are to help you understand our position as you look around. We continue to pour as much personal energy into these programs as ever. One difference though, over the years Paul and teachers have grown even more, sharing a greater level of experience. We stand by a high quality, personal program, in residence, at the fairest of rates.

Unique Qualities of Centered Yoga

  • This is an immersion in a focused learning environment — live the practice!
  • Our all-inclusive program includes training, food and accommodation.
  • Small, dedicated group of students
  • Mentoring and close attention to your practice, teaching method, and personal progress
  • Living and studying in a clean and natural setting
  • Distance from the distractions of home gives perspective, a fresh mind, focus, and ease in letting go
  • Direct experience in teaching students (privates and groups)
  • Classical training in pranayama (only a handful of western teachers have proper background in this essential practice)
  • The development of an advanced and dedicated yoga practice, molding the teacher in you
  • Approximately 100 hours of additional training beyond the basic requirements of Yoga Alliance
  • Precise training in asana and the vinyasa system
  • Pre-course readings and assignments to prepare and guide you
  • Optional complimentary snorkelling boat trip and local market tours for you to enjoy.

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

The program duration adds up to over 300 hours and qualifies for Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour level, recognised worldwide, for those who successfully complete the training. Ultimately, however, training is beyond borders and pieces of paper. The continued dissemination of yoga will come from your own inner growth and deeper understanding. This is the focus.

Genuine leadership

Paul has been personally mentored in a unique teacher-student (guru-shishya) system of yoga. His teacher, O.P.Tiwari, is one of the few genuine authorities on pranayama and the classical study of yoga. To learn like this takes years, already more than 16 in such close quarters. It is hard to represent in a photo or on a website. But the idea of teaching is to pass on wisdom and experience, in programs like this and in contact over years. To understand the basics of practices, but also their subtle aspects, where practice eventually grows to, so it can be properly guided even at an earlier stage, is why a student should learn from a well-trained and personally dedicated teacher. Invest your time wisely!

Teacher Teaining

Established & Founded in 1999

Centered Yoga is one of the longest running teacher training courses in the world, all personally trained by Paul and his team.

Paul Teaching

Dedication & Quality

Paul has ben dedicated to the personal practice of yoga for 20 years, most of it under the guidance of both O.P.Tiwari and Pattabhi Jois. Both these teachers certified him. He is the only one to receive that honor (for pranayama) from Tiwariji. Only a handful of teachers were personally given a certificate by Pattabhi Jois, after years of asana practice under his eye, before he died in 2009. Long term, continuous experience of practice cannot be replaced by marketing and fancy photos. Rather, practice has matured, gone deep in areas that only time with genuine interest can do. That insight is shared and brought to our programs.

All Centered Yoga faculty are at a senior level, have trained extensively in asana, pranayama and its related practices with Paul and Tiwariji. They all have a dedicated personal practice, enriched by their own experiences, to draw upon.

Paul Ceremony

Rich Lineage and Tradition

Swami Kuvalayananda established the Kaivalyadhama Institute (India) in 1924 to do the research that led to a worldwide respect and growth in yoga practice. Swamiji’s primary student, O.P. Tiwari, continues to share the process derived from this rich tradition in practice and teaching. He has passed that tradition on to Paul directly, who carries that knowledge into the next generation – you.

Science & Classics – Joy & Fun

This classical training, long experience in asanas, unique guidance in pranayama, knowledge of the yogic texts, chants and mantras, as well as a strong scientific knowledge of the human system through its anatomy and physiology, are taught in this course. Paul is involved in PhD studies at Emory University in the US. This intensive education informs the entire scientific background of the material here.

But …. We are at the beach, and it’s still fun and good people!

Samahita Swimming Pool

Yoga Alliance Certification

Centered Yoga was one of the original schools certified by Yoga Alliance when they began. We still maintain our membership with this organization so it offers a form of accreditation for our graduates. Centered Yoga is a registered 200 and 300hr Yoga Alliance certified school in both the US and UK.

Manageable Class Size and Low Student:Teacher Ratio

Although you may sign up for trainings with upwards of 100 students, we cap each of the 200hr training groups at 40 or less students. This gives a ratio: 1 senior teacher to 10 students or less. When we include our full teaching staff it is 1 to 6. In addition is a staff of 75 at the center that includes therapists and nurses as part of the wellness center.

Yoga Teacher

Give back to the Community through Karma Yoga projects

Since establishing on Koh Samui, all teacher training groups have been involved in charitable hands on projects such as local school and temple renovation, beach clean up and planting trees for the environment.

Karma Yoga projects

Unique Beach Location

Samahita Retreat is a dedicated yoga retreat center, the first to have been established in Asia. Its location directly on the beach in the quietest and most unspoiled part of Koh Samui, Thailand, makes the experience of training extra rewarding. It’s not all serious, but can be seriously fun!  Yet it maintains its integrity and support of all the guests and students who come by staying private. When one needs, the distractions and outings are not too far away, but far enough to allow the energy of the place to be undisturbed. The center is serviced by a staff of 75. Food is cooked fresh and with love everyday by a team of dedicated chefs and cooks, experts in Thai and other cuisines.

Samahita Beach

Graduate Benefits

Global Network

There are over 1,100 graduates from all over the globe, many now senior teachers and owners of well established yoga studios. We are happy to be part of this network of friends, teachers and students on our Centered Yoga Teacher Directory.

A Center to Continue to Grow In

Centered Yoga graduates receive a 10% discount for life on future programs and trainings at Samahita Retreat.  Continuing Education courses are offered a few times a year – on Anatomy, Philosophy, Pranayama, Asana, chanting – for returning graduates to pursue their advanced training certificate, for 300 and 1,100 hours.

A Home to Return To

For our graduates, we offer Samahita Retreat as a place for teachers to bring private groups or lead their own retreat.  We continue to support our graduates through a private Facebook group community for sharing ideas, job opportunities, inspirations, Q&A to support you for life.

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