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“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” ~ Anonymous
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Kriya, Pranayama and Meditation

Points on KapalabhatiPaul Dallaghan - Points on Kapalabhati Pumping Uddiyana Bandha Kriya vs. Agni Sara Paul Dallaghan - Breathing with Sound Introduction to the Kriyas 2Introduction to the Kriyas Sutra NetiSutra Neti Instructions for Proper Breathing 10-Minute Exercise10-Minute Exercise for Proper Breathing + OM Nadi ShodhanaNadi Shodhana What Causes One Nostril to Get Blocked during Pranayama Practice What is Meditation ?


Paul Dallaghan & "I am still learning"Paul Dallaghan & "I am still learning" Paul Dallaghan on Sadhana/The Way: "You are either in it or you're not."Paul Dallaghan on Sadhana/The Way: "You are either in it or you're not." How is Prana Related to the Jungian Concept of Collective Unconscious Paul Dallaghan on Thought Power - Do Our Thoughts Influence Others?

Sri O.P. Tiwariji

Sri OP Tiwariji - For the Sake of Humanity Sri OP Tiwariji - Origin of Yoga Sri OP Tiwariji - Unity in Diversity and the Purpose of Yoga Sri OP Tiwariji on Patanjali's Concept of God Sri OP Tiwariji on Ahimsa/Non-Harming and Love Sri OP Tiwariji on Sincerity Sri OP Tiwariji - Attachment vs. Dependency Sri OP Tiwariji on Fire Ceremony & Sun Worship Sri OP Tiwariji - A New Way to Happiness Yoga Teacher Training - Sri OP Tiwariji - Becoming One with Sound Paul Dallaghan - Breathing with Sound Why is it Important to Hold the Nose when Using Jalandhara Bandha When is a Student Ready to Increase the Retention Ratio in Pranayama What is the Difference Between Anuloma Viloma and Nadi Shodhana What is the Importance of Ratio in Pranayama Shodhana Explains How to Cultivate Matri (Friendliness/Loving Kindness) and Karuna (Compassion) Talks about Kaivalyadhama’s Work on Reconstructing the Five Main Hatha Yoga Texts Sri O.P. Tiwariji Looks at the Evolution of Hatha Yoga Elaborates on Tasya Vacakah Pranavah – My God is the Sound Meditation Cannot be Done, it Must Happen Points on KapalabhatiPaul Dallaghan - Points on Kapalabhati

Yoga and Science

What are Chakras and Mula Bandha in terms of Modern Science Are Nadis and Prana the Same as the Nervous System Can You Explain and Identify the Effect of Yoga Practice? What are Prana and Apana


What is the Meaning and Purpose of Asana and of Sthira Sukha