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“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.” ~ Albert Einstein

Education in Yoga: Advanced/Continuing Education Training Courses

Centered Yoga 1100-hour and Yoga Alliance 300-hour accredited

Advanced/Continuing Education Courses in Philosophy, Pranayama, Asana, Anatomy, Prenatal

Open to all levels of students.

Paul Dallaghan is the founder of Centered Yoga. In addition to teaching on most of the educational courses, he is dedicated to developing a diverse and educational program of courses. As previously mentioned these programs are designed to deepen your level of practice in yoga, encouraging you to reflect on the purpose of practice and how you are actually practicing.

This helps you increase your understanding of the body on both a practical level and a philosophical level. Also is the opportunity to continue to practice and study specific elements such as asanas and pranayama, as well as learning technical applications as in prenatal yoga.

The majority of courses involve an established guest teacher who is an expert in the field presented. Sri O.P. Tiwari is a primary feature of these programs.

Examples of some programs are:

  • Pranayama: A Way to Spirituality
  • Pranayama and the Study of Bhartahari’s Shatak
  • Pranayama Training Course
  • Ayurveda and Nutrition
  • Anatomy Special Topics
  • Philosophy of Yoga – Bhagavad Gita
  • Philosophy of Yoga – Yoga Sutras
  • Philosophy of Yoga – Hatha Texts
  • Philosophy of Yoga – Gita, Sutras, Sanskrit and Chanting
  • Philosophy of Yoga – Upanishads and Sanskrit
  • Prenatal Yoga Training Course

Continuing Education Training Feedback

Not wanting to increase the number of emails you already receive have not written you before to tell you how great the continuing education course has been, what an incredible work you have done to put it together and write the notes. I feel like I am praising myself for recognizing the amount of work you have done, because you are perfectly aware of how you have managed to take in Tiwariji’s teachings and put them out in a way that complements and I would say is indispensable for us Westerners to tackle Yoga, as it is so easy getting lost in the charms of reading about this “new world” that is Yoga. On top of that there is all the research you have done on your own, not linked to Tiwariji, like food, supplements, inner workings, all what you experimented on yourself that made a difference.
~ Guy, France, July 2011

I just wanted to say thank you for these three weeks of learning about pranayama and yoga and life in general. I have learned so much and feel that you have given lots of seeds for me to grow and take the responsibility of my own well being and living the life I wish to life. Hopefully it will blossom (as you said about the sit bones in uttanasana during our teacher training =) I appreciate the energy you take into the classes, your honesty, and its so nice to also laugh and have some fun while working.
~ Erika, Norway, July 2011


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