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“If you always do what interests you,
then at least one person is pleased.”
~ Katherine Hepburn

Advanced/Continuing Education Training Courses

Centered Yoga 1100-hour and Yoga Alliance 300-hour accredited

Advanced/Continuing Education Training Course Details

Advanced/Continuing Education Training Course Schedule

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June 13 – 27 Practical Anatomy: The Next Step in Teaching and Adjusting with Integrity Arielle Nash and Elonne Stockton

Continuing Education Practical Anatomy: The Next Step in Teaching and Adjusting with Integrity

Education sessions will be a combination of theoretical learning and practical application, with a focus on “doing”. In addition to learning about movement mechanics and actions involved in asana, we will explore and apply what it means to adjust adhering to ahimsa and integrity.  Through understanding proper alignment we can encourage practitioners to go beyond the body and find the internal practice.
Additionally, we will learn about sequencing, verbal cues and use of silence in class.


June 28 – July 11 Pranayama Detail and Practice (Continuing) Paul Dallaghan

Pranayama Detail and Practice (Continuing)

This course is inspired and blessed by Tiwariji, Paul’s direct teacher and one of the few living knowledgeable authorities on Pranayama and its place in the field of yoga today. It is a living tradition. Paul has learnt the full practice in a special one-to-one capacity over the past 15+ years with Tiwariji. Tiwariji learnt directly from his teacher, Swami Kuvalayananda, who was an adept and highly accomplished in Pranayama and the science of yoga. He was also a devotee and spent his years in practice and training with his teacher, Madhavadas, on the banks of the Narmada river, also being taught this exact practice of Pranayama. In this way it has been passed on very personally and effectively.


July 12 – 25 Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Special Continuing Education Hatha Pradipika Chapters 4 – 5 Sri O. P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan

Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Special Continuing Education Hatha Pradipika Chapters 4 – 5

Hatha pradipika is considered the most authoritative and available text on the methods and process of Hatha Yoga. It is a collection of many verses coming from other key yogis and their writings that subsequently got lost or destroyed. As such, this text played a key role in preserving the teachings of Hatha in one source document. Many call it the Hatha yoga pradipika but the author, Swatmarama, himself titles it Hatha pradipika, which means light on hatha.


December 5 – 19 Continuing Education: Prenatal Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training with Arielle Nash-Degagne

Continuing Education: Prenatal Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training

This course is appropriate for expectant mothers, personal trainers, yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and birth coaches.  The content of this course is drawn both from scientific knowledge and the personal experiences of pregnant yoga practitioners.

Whether it’s the first time or the fifth time, the relationship between mother and baby begins long before birth.  Yoga can play an integral role in the quality of this relationship as mom connects with baby and takes care of her body and mind through practice.



These are two-week residential workshops that focus on a specific area of study related to the yoga practices. Each two-week period is a 100-hour module that counts as ongoing education in advanced teaching and the Yoga Alliance and Centered Yoga programs.

Though the courses have practical value (i.e., increasing one’s teaching qualification), their real purpose is to bring the student deeper in their understanding of yoga through direct personal experience and practical knowledge. As such, these programs are open to all interested and sincere students, whether they are teaching or not.

The morning asana practice is included in all courses. Pranayama will be introduced to new students, while returning students will continue to build on their personal practice. The point is to focus on practices and to deliver new knowledge in anatomy and physiology, philosophy, and other related areas.

For whom?

Open to students of all levels, including

  • Graduates of Centered Yoga’s Foundation Course (at Yoga Alliance 200-hour level).
  • Graduates of other 200-hour programs.
  • Students who have not completed any type of training course but have a sincere interest in the subject matter. This level of course requires maturity and commitment. For these students the courses will not be credited toward the 300-hour level, but they will serve to deepen growth and understanding.


We are always students, whether teaching or not. A teacher must engage in ongoing study, as well as cultivate growth in his or her daily practice. Personal retreats, away from your daily routines, are also helpful because the practice and teachings take time to really sink in and have their impact.

The deeper we grow ourselves, the better a service we can offer our students. But we’re also on a path inward in our own growth. For me, as a student, and then as a teacher, I have always put time in study and growth first. Every year, I take time to study, be inspired, and grow. Studying keeps alive that lifeline to the teachings, so they can penetrate me deeper. This way I stay fresh; I stay open.

Even if you do not teach, time to go further in a focused way is the key to growth. With this in mind, we offer a variety of ongoing courses in an ideal setting. Each course has a specific focus and an expert in the field to offer its teachings. Immersing yourself in an environment charged with the energy and enthusiasm of others, and exposing yourself to the full-on guidance of the teachers, will reveal a clear path to your personal development and transformation.

This is what we hope to offer through these courses. It will aid in your teaching, if that is your focus; but, more importantly, it is to establish and grow something within you. I have watched this myself as I have embraced the path over the years. These courses and the special environment we try to cultivate are a deliberate attempt to duplicate that experience and to encourage others to keep growing and teaching better.

Centered Yoga 1100-hour Level

Distinguished Advanced-Level Teacher

In order to stimulate learning, encourage well-roundedness, and deepen growth even more intensely, Centered Yoga has raised the bar to the 1100-hour certificate level. This would take at least five, seven, or more years to complete.

It is our responsibility to make a continual effort in the direction learning and growing. There are no shortcuts on this path.

Some courses to be offered in the coming years

Pranayama: A Way to Spirituality

Advanced Anatomy for Yoga

Yoga Sutras Intensive

The Secrets and Practice of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama

Yoga and the Upanishads

Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita

Advanced Asana and Pranayama

Yoga as Therapy (and dealing with special cases)

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for Kids

Centered Yoga Institute is one of a few Yoga Alliance-registered schools worldwide that offer 500-hour level qualification.