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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
“The most contributingfactor to your success in practice is your sincerity” ∼ Sri O.P. Tiwariji
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Teaching Philosophy

At Samahita Retreat we specialize in classical yoga practices, philosophy and approach.

It is a composition of classical pranayama, classical asana and classical vinyasa. It includes the wisdom of Patanjali with the practices of Hatha. A base from Kaivalyadham Tiwari and Ashtanga Pattabhi Jois. At its heart is to care – care for others, care about what you do, care about how you live. This causes mindfulness but from a kind and compassionate heart center. It truly is an inner development, a refinement of our behavior and inner process. In terms of getting things done in life, including the ability to get up and practice, our philosophy is quite simply to do it – but with awareness.

Let every day begin with focused thoughts of gratitude, forgiveness and the request for inner help.

Spend time in the yoga practices. Just by the doing, the committing to a practice, the results come. Let awareness blossom from practicing and subsequently compassion for others and more balance in your life. We find many are not clear on what to practice and are not yet disciplined enough to have a daily practice so we offer the teachings and a place for those who want to develop practice. The yoga itself takes care of fully developing the individual on all levels, physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual. Let us guide you in the practice. This is what we are passionate about.
“Practice becomes firmly grounded when done for a long time, continuously and with full sincerity”

∼ Patanjali Yoga Sutras (I – 14)

“He who untiringly practices Yoga in all its aspects attains success even if he is young, old, decrepit, diseased or weak.”
“Success is attained by those who practice. How can one attain success without practice? Success in Yoga is not achieved by merely reading authentic books.”

∼ Hathapradipika of Svatmarama (I – 64 + 65)

“Practice, practice, practice and all is coming.”

∼ Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

Classical asana emphasizes deep, inner work while conditioning the outer body. The body changes and develops. Initially the effort is crude. Gradually it is refined. The outer hardness and inner weakness eventually becomes a powerful core and a soft exterior. An inner, sincere effort joined with surrendering to the experience. This leads to increased awareness. Ultimately asana, as the Yoga Sutras defines it, becomes steady and comfortable. Relaxation comes and meditation occurs, leading us to the higher goal of yoga.

Work and development of the breath is essential to this process, both while doing asana and as a practice of itself. There are breathing practices that prepare you for the practice of pranayama and then there are the specific pranayamas themselves. This work with the breath ultimately clears the nervous system and removes impurities. It is essential to practice.

How one goes about meditation may differ but the result is the same. Relaxation and inner awareness and development is key. To sit daily is cleansing for the mind and a gift to the spirit. These effects are then reflected outwardly in the person. Sit daily.

Practicing daily is essential but also being daily in the practice. Carry the inner peace and happiness with you. Your state of mind has a definite and positive effect on others. Virtuous qualities of honesty, truthfulness, non-harming, generosity, compassion, humility come and refine as you progress in the practice. These qualities directly affect the world. Study this in yourself then offer it up to a Higher Source. For it is through this grace we can practice in the first place.

Again may we always begin with gratitude and forgiveness, a thought of thanks for the practice, this day, our life and all that is in it. This is the seed of compassion to others and humility if sincerely felt and done.