How to Apply
“Body and wealth are impermanent. Why go to so much trouble for their sakes?”
∼ Ramakrishna
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Education in Yoga: Continuing Education Training Training Courses

Centered Yoga 1100-hour and Yoga Alliance 300-hour accredited

How to Apply

- Make a general booking for the specific continuing education training module you'd like to attend.

- If you are interested in earning hours to be credited toward the 300-hour level qualification, you do not need to have graduated from the Centered Yoga Foundation Course

For all students

You should keep a record of the continuing education training modules you have completed. Upon meeting the above criteria, fill up a 300-hour eligibility application form and attach a processing fee of EUR €100. After evaluation, you will be awarded the 300-hour qualification. If, for some reason, you do not meet the criteria, the directors will advise you on how to proceed.

Students, please keep in mind

We must follow formalities and policies in order to maintain the integrity of the qualification system. Please remember, however, that teaching yoga is-in essence--a sharing from teachers to students and back. Over time a relationship develops, especially with repeated contact and exposure.

The real thrust of all this training lies in your practice and living it. Together we will progress, and then the qualification of 300 hours becomes matter-of-fact.