Continuing Education
“You can never step into the same river twice.”
∼ Heraclitus
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Education in Yoga: Continuing Education Training Courses

Centered Yoga 1100-hour and Yoga Alliance 300-hour accredited

Continuing Education

While professional organizations, such as Centered Yoga and Yoga Alliance, require continuing education for teachers, we hope you choose to take these courses out of a sincere and genuine interest in learning rather than out of obligation or necessity. If you put your growth and development first, everything else follows easily and automatically, even any requirements you may need for certification.

The yoga path is continuous. To grow in your practice, some focused time in study is essential, with proper guidance. The continuing education training courses serve as part of this continuing education by covering specific subject matter in depth, furthering practice, and offering the opportunity for you to spend time in direct contact with your teacher(s).

Specific requirements are listed below. We feel, however, that these requirements barely fulfill the minimum in terms of what tools in you need to become a competent yoga teacher, and we strongly recommend you go far beyond them.

Centered Yoga 1100-hour Requirements

Centered Yoga offers a number of two-week continuing education courses throughout the year, mostly at Samahita Retreat but sometimes at other locations as well. In addition to the foundation-level 200 hours, we offer courses that fall under each of the following areas: Asana and Pranayama, anatomy and physiology, philosophy and chanting.

Typically, each continuing education course is two weeks long and qualifies for 100 hours. Upon completion of the required courses, you will become recognized as a Distinguished Advanced-Level Teacher, a qualification that reflects many years of dedicated practice and study.