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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
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“The ripest peach is highest on the tree.” ~ James Whitcomb Riley

September 2013: 10 years of Samahita Retreat

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The passage of time in an interesting affair. It really comes down to how well it has been packed. I have been given the opportunity to reflect on the past ten-years as Samahita Retreat (Yoga Thailand as it began) celebrates a full ten years in physical existence. I note there is much to be thankful for, mostly you, the guest-cum-student, who find this center and spot of nature a rewarding and inspiring place. As I have engaged in my studies in the US in the last year, being away for a few months at a time, I too have had the real taste of “coming back” and feeling what you feel. For me it was very nourishing. So all thanks must go to Mother Nature and the blessings here that we at Samahita are uniquely, and joyously, placed to share with you. May you come to it in whatever way works for you.

From the beginning, my own teacher, Tiwariji, has been a support and guide for the center. I feel this is why the place exists, not as another hotel-resort with yoga and health, but because there is something to share and let that be delivered with priority. Of course it still has to be run like a hospitality business, but its purpose is clear: for our own inner development. In July, during Tiwariji’s visit, we had a wonderful ten year anniversary celebration, and were blessed with two great musicians, our own Jack Harrison, and the amazingly talented Daphne Tse. We hope the music recorded then will be available online soon.

So I look at how these ten-years have been packed and it seems to be filled with a lot of love, sharing, caring, fun, growth, and change. Thank you for being part of it with us. It’s very special. As I look at it I see how it defines much of my life at this point. So here’s to another ten years of continuing growth and to sharing that with you.

Lots of love



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