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“It is only in adventure that some peoplex succeed in knowing themselves--in finding themselves.” ~ Andr Gide

Resolutions are So Passé

By Elonne Stockton

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I recently saw an article about resolutions. It opened by saying that resolutions to lose weight and to stop smoking are “so passé,” and then they went on to list a few “new” resolutions for 2012. I found that amusing, and it inspired this little response.

10 Irresolutionsfor 2012

1.- Let’s keep eating junk, smoking and boozing every weekend, because those resolutions to be healthy are so passé. This is 2012! We should get with the times.

2.- Let’s keep pushing the snooze button in the morning. We can practice later. People who live for the now forget that there is always a tomorrow.

3.- Let’s keep putting everything off. Again, there is always tomorrow.

4.- Let’s waste electricity, gas, water, paper, etc. People who are worried about the environment are so 2006.

5.- Let’s keep practicing on and off. Eventually we will give up on practice anyway and be on to the next thing, so why should we worry about it? When we look back it will seem silly that we cared so much.

6.- Let’s keep slightly mistreating friends and loved ones because we really aren’t acting that badly, they deserve it and we don’t know any better.

7.- Let’s keep thinking negative things about ourselves, because we are our best abuser, remember that.

8.- Let’s not worry about the things that come out of our mouths. Nobody listens to us anyway, right?

9.- Let’s not worry about the nasty thoughts in our head. We are only hurting ourselves, right?

10.- Let’s keep doing all of those things we said we would stop doing. Why not? We only have ourselves to answer to.

More is Needed than Just Resolutions

Obviously, this is a bit of sarcasm. It is human condition to get caught in these cycles/patterns. Even if we don’t smoke, drink too much or do things that are clearly destructive, there are for sure other patterns we get stuck in, as well as gaps in our awareness. We all have things we are working on. If we think we don’t, then we are not practicing honestly.

And why is it that for many of us the habits and dependencies — to people, food/drink, thought patterns, or whatever it is — are there every year, to the point we eventually deem them passé and give up on them? As Paul has said, our ability to override these dependencies goes “Hand in hand with practice. With practice comes growth, clarity of how things are.” With time the negative patterns and tendencies start to attenuate; we see them weaken each year, as we keep up our practice. We don’t have to stay stuck.

Resolutions are great, and it is never too late or “passé” to resolve to change something. But what are we doing about it? Are we sincerely working on ourselves, every day of the year? Or are we just wishing things would miraculously transform without us making much effort in the direction of change? This is the time for waking up not for giving up.The most important thing is to keep practicing, keep working on ourselves. And then we see what comes . . . Happy 2012!

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