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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
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“Move out man! Life is fleeting by. Do something worthwhile,
before you die. Leave behind a work sublime, that will outlive
you and time.” ~ Alfred A. Montepert

Yoga Workshops: International teachings with Rachel Grey

Currently – Until 8th March Koh Samui, Thailand Samahita Retreat
March 15-17 Frankfurt Private Yoga Institute
March 21 St Gallen, Switzerland
March 22-23 Workshop : Zurich Air Yoga
March 24 Asana Classes : Zurich Air Yoga
March 28 Thun, Switzerland River Yoga
March 29 Berne, Switzerland Ashtangayogabern
March 30 Asana Class : Zurich Air Yoga
March 31 Pranayama Class : Zurich Air Yoga
May 4 Gall Townhall: Sri Lanka
May 9 All Ceylon Budhist Congress,380,
Bauddhaloka Mawatha,Colombo 07: Sri Lanka

July 28 – August 10 Berne, Switzerland Berne
August 18 – 19 Manchester, UK Ashtangamanchester

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