Ashtanga Yoga
“Lack of awareness can only be removed by practices, not study. Study will only remove a lack of knowledge but this is not the experience. Our understanding must change with the help of the practices.”
∼ O.P. Tiwari
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Centered Yoga's Primary Ashtanga Yoga Training Series

Yoga Practice Guides

[03PG01] € 4.00 at a minimum order of 20, plus shipping.

This step-by-step guide to the Ashtanga Yoga primary series is fully illustrated and easy to use. With more than 150 photos of certified teacher Paul Dallaghan demonstrating the poses, practitioners can rely on this foldout sheet as a teaching tool and portable reference guide. It details each Ashtanga Yoga posture in sequence and offers helpful tips on particular asanas and vinyasas. (21.6 x 20.3 cm, folded)

Please download the Pdf order form here and email back in your Ashtanga Yoga Practice guide orders.

Ashtanga Yoga