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“Great minds must be ready not only to take opportunity, but to make them.” ~ Colton

Personal Transformation in Turbulent Times

By Dorien Israel

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We are living in turbulent times…is this true? More so than in the past?…I don’t think so.

Recorded history is the written evidence of man’s insanity and inhumanity. So perhaps there is actually nothing different going on out there in the year 2012. But, I believe there is definitely something different happening in here.

What is different these days is how we are choosing to cope with our stressors. Ask yourself “where do I go to seek my solace? Where do I turn for my solutions”? What is different these days is our willingness to question everything. “Where does my real security lie? What does my life serve? How can I align my life with my values? What does success really mean” These questions have the potential to shift consciousness into the paradigm of possibilities.

Ask yourself the question Ghandi posed ” Am I the change I would like to see in the world?” In other words, do I see myself as the source rather than the effect of the external world? This question has the power to reorient our reality from the outside in. Then the remedy of reversal for a wounded world no longer lies outside, but within us waiting to be revealed. Then our own personal transformation is no longer seen as selfish or self indulgence, but becomes the greatest contribution we can make to the world.

Your nature is wholeness but has been covered over by the conditioning of “other-than-ness”. We grow a self image, a false sense of self that is in need of constant external approval, and accessories. As we gain this illusionary ego we lose our authentic center; our sense of certainty, and serenity.

In order to return to our true nature we must turn our attention towards what resonates as real within us. Sounds simple enough but of course the mind is a master of misdirection and dissatisfaction. Managing the mind then becomes the most important job we have. Thank goodness there are now powerful transformational tools and techniques to assist us in doing just that.

What is real is a resonance that resides within; an undeniable vibration reverberating through the whole body as truth.You are the tuning fork of truth…for you.

You are IT,

This is IT

and that’s all there has ever been


Dorien Israel is the author of three books, a yoga teacher, qi gong practioner, and a reiki master. She has lived in Koh Samui for 14 years and will be giving a workshop in Ashtanga and Personal Transformation at Samahita Retreat – Yoga Thailand alongside Rachel Grey. May 7-12, 2012.

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