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“To stabilize the mind, we need to channel the breath. By practicing Pranayama we become more natural and closer to who we really are.
This is not an intellectual understanding but a total understanding with every cell of our being” ~ Sri O.P. Tiwari
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Yoga Workshops: International teachings with Paul Dallaghan

Connect with our Founder & Certified Ashtanga and Pranayama teacher Paul Dallaghan at Yoga Workshops across the globe

Orlando, Florida (USA) Steve Rubin and Project 7 Yoga (612 Virginia Dr. Orlando, FL 32803)
Sat 8am – 5pm/ Sun 8am – 1:30pm Contact:

Jan 27 & 28Steve Rubin and Project 7 Yoga (612 Virginia Dr. Orlando, FL 32803)Sat 8am – 5pm/ Sun 8am – 1:30pm Contact:

April 6Dublin, IrelandAshtanga Yoga Dublin – David Collins (Extended morning practice of Meditation, Pranayama and Asana, 6:30-10am)
April 8-9Stockholm, SwedenYogaYama (Full weekend workshop on all elements of yoga practice).
June 9-11Hong KongAsia Yoga Conference (Pranayama and Kriya Workshops)

Oct 22-23Vienna, AustriaYoga Werkstatt
Oct 15-16Bern, SwitzerlandDaya Yoga – Heidi –
Oct 8-9Zagreb, CroatiaGaia Yoga – Sandra
Oct 1-2Amsterdam, NetherlandsDelight Yoga for the Inner Peace Conference –
Sep 21-25Oslo, NorwaySiri Kruse
Sep 17Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga
April 28 – May 6Taipei, TaiwanSpace Yoga
April 24Paris,

Watch workshop video here
April 16+17Chicago, IL  (USA)Northshore Yoga
April 9Geneva, SwitzerlandNatalia Reynolds
April 8Lausanne, SwitzerlandCaroline Kila
April 3+4Dublin, IrelandDavid Collins
March 18-20Orlando, FL (USA)Steve Rubin

Jan 9-11Orlando, Florida USA
April 18Atlanta Georgia USABalance Yoga
May 17Yangon, MyanmarEmail: Gill Breetzke
June 13-16Antibes, FranceAshtangayogaantibes
June 19-21Bern, SwitzerlandEmail: Heidi Aemisegger                                                               

May 3+4Amsterdam, The NetherlandsDelight Yoga
May 9+10Dublin, IrelandAshtanga Yoga Dublin
May 15-17Tel Aviv, Israel
May 23-30Taipei, TaiwanSpace Yoga
June 14-17Cairns, Australia,
June 20Manila, PhilippinesYoga Manila
June 23-27Taipei, TaiwanSpace Yoga

April 19Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga – Half Day Yoga Workshop
April 27 + 28Chicago, (USA)Space Yoga
May 2+3Frankfurt, GermanyPrivate Yoga Institute, Jutta
May 4+5Amsterdam, The Netherlands – weekend workshopDelight Yoga
May 6-9Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 4-day Pranayama intensiveDelight Yoga
May 10Dublin, IrelandAshtanga Yoga Dublin
May 11+12Geneva, SwitzerlandBaba Yoga
June 1+2Jakarta,
June 7+8Hong KongAsia Yoga Conference
September 14 + 15Phoenix, ArizonaSWIHA
October 18Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga – Half Day Yoga Workshop
Dec 1Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga – Principles of asana and pranayama practice: half-day workshop
Dec 12-16Vienna, AustriaYogawerkstaat – Five-day Pranayama intensive

January 18Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga – Half Day Yoga Workshop
April 3 + 4Dublin, IrelandAshtanga Yoga Dublin
April 7 + 8Eindhoven, NetherlandsYoga Shop
April 9 – 13Bern, SwitzerlandAshtanga Yoga Bern
April 14 – 16Vienna, AustriaPure Yoga
April 20Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga – Half Day Yoga Workshop
May 12 + 13Austin, Texas (USA)Castle Hill Fitness
May 22 – 25Taipei, TaiwanSpace Yoga
June 9 + 10Hong KongAsia Yoga Conference
June 22 – 29Taipei, TaiwanSpace Yoga
June 30 + July 1Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh CityDanCenter

Jan 15 – 21Swiss Alps, SwitzerlandYoga and Ski Retreat Ashtanga Yoga Bern
Jan 22 + 23Paris, FranceAshtanga Yoga Paris
Feb 12 + 13SingaporeYoga Sangha
April 2 – 3London, UKTriyoga
April 3 – 4St Albans, London, UKSt Albans
April 6 + 7Dublin, IrelandAshtanga Yoga Dublin
David Collins in Blackrock
April 8 – 10Frankfurt, GermanyPrivate Yoga Institute, Jutta
April 15 – 22Copenhagen, DenmarkYoga Mudra, weekend workshop and/or 5-day week training intensive
May 21 + 22Hangzhou, ChinaSatya Yoga
June 9 – 12Hong KongAsia Yoga Conference
August 6 – 10Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga – 5 Day yoga intensive
September 24Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga – Half Day Workshop
October 22 – 23Tokyo, JapanSun and Moon Yoga Studio
October 28Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga – Half Day Workshop
December 2 + 3Jakarta, IndonesiaNamaste Yoga Festival
December 8 + 9SingaporeVerita Advanced Wellness

March 4 + 5Shenyang, ChinaLiNing (Ronan)
April 10 – 12Doha, QatarPepka Yoga
April 13 – 15Dublin, IrelandAshtanga Yoga Dublin
April 16 – 17Bern, SwitzerlandAshtanga Yoga Bern
April 18 – 23Copenhagen, DenmarkYoga Mudra
April 23 – 30Helsinki,
April 30 – May 2Amsterdam, The NetherlandsDelight Yoga
May 2 – 3Manchester, UKVicki
May 8 – 9Atlanta, Georgia (USA)Balance Yoga
May 14 – 16Hong KongAsia Yoga Conference
September 11 – 17Vienna, AustriaYoga Werkstatt, Sascha and Romana
September 18 + 19Zagreb, CroatiaGaia Yoga
October 10 – 15Chicago (USA)North Shore Yoga
October 16 + 17New Orleans (USA)Balance Yoga & Wellness
October 23 + 24Orlando, FL (USA)Full Circle Yoga
October 29 – 31Miami, FL (USA)Miami Life Center
November 1+2Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga
December 5 – 7Manila, PhilippinesYoga Manila
December 8 – 15Taipei, TaiwanSpace Yoga
December 18Bangkok, ThailandWe Love Yoga

March 13 + 14Taipei (with Tiwariji)SpaceYoga
April 18 –
April 25 + 26Geneva
May 2 – 3Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga,
May 4 – 12Ireland (with Tiwariji)Clare Island retreat centre,
May 13 + 14GlasgowSiobhan Fitzgerald
May 16 – 17DubaiVanessa Fairall
June 11 – 14Hong KongAsia Yoga Conference,
October 2-4Vancouver, CanadaArielle Nash
October 6+7Atlanta, GA (USA)Balance Yoga,
October 10-16ChicagoNorth Shore Yoga,
October 16-19Toronto, CanadaDownward Dog Yoga,
October 23-25New York CityOm Yoga Center,
November 14Bangkok, ThailandYoga Journal Festival,
November 20-21Shanghai, ChinaY Plus Yoga Center,
December 4-6Hong KongLandmark Mandarin Oriental,
December 6-13Taipei, TaiwanSpace Yoga,

Paul, thank you for your time in Orlando. You shared a lot of valuable techniques and advice that I can easily incorporate into my life and yoga practice. I am also grateful for all you have passed along to Steve Rubin over the years. He is an excellent teacher as you likely know from speaking with his students. Hopefully Steve can teach us the round-the-core internal massage move when we are ready. If not you’ll have to come back. Until next time, may you be well, fulfilled and inspired,

~ Debbie MedinaI, 2014

also wanted to say thank you so much for bringing about this beautiful experience. Paul was amazing. The pranayama experience I had today was unlike anything I have experienced before. He is such a gift. Please pass along my gratitude. Thanks again for leaving us all with such an amazing experience and gift.

∼ Laura, Arizona, October 2013

Hi Paul,
I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic workshop over the last two mornings. I was sorry that I didnt get to say goodbye and thank you properly in person. I have been trying to maintain a daily pranayama practice since your Dublin workshop last year and I find it very beneficial. I was really encouraged by your comments on women practicing and the affects on our cycles. I have a very irregular, light cycle and at times I’ve stopped doing pranayama in case it could be making the situation worse. So, I was happy to hear that the effects are only beneficial (providing I’m doing it correctly!). I hope you have a safe flight and that our paths cross again soon,
~ Georgina, Ireland, April 2012

Hi Paul,
As I had a train to catch, i did not get the opportunity to thank you for the teaching on Thursday. I am so grateful for all that you have taught me, both directly and indirectly. Thank you for keeping it real, but with integrity and humour. I hope it is contagious in Switzerland!
~ Christine, Switzerland, April 2012

It was a great energy you created in the workshop today and yesterday. Students were very happy afterwards. Thank you again for inspiring us.
~ Manon, Netherlands, April 2012

Hi Paul,
I hope you are well. Thanks again for your encouragement and constructive criticism during the workshop. I appreciate your willingness to speak frankly when it is needed. Thank you, Paul, for all that you do to encourage me and the rest of the group at Balance to practice with more integrity, clarity, and joy.
~ Scott, Atlanta, April 2012

Dear Paul,
A year ago today, I wrote a note saying thank you for the wonderful experience during our teacher training. Tonight, I am writing yet again to thank you for sharing your energy, this time in Manila, this crazy/beautiful place we call home. 🙂 The past three days were amazing. You were actually here and it seemed somewhat surreal – me (and everyone else) driving through morning Metro Manila traffic to see you! You were also so very, very vibrant. I loved how your lectures were so full of joy, playfulness, wisdom and sincerity. All the good stuff, as you like to say. Prana does make the heart shine.
~ Nature, Manilla, 2010

You inspired me more than any other teacher and I will work on my issues as you told me and will build in the 15 minutes centering in my daily schedule. For the first time I understood what it means to do yoga and to contact myself and how to actually do it. Thank you for being so hearty, helpful, direct and sincere. I hope to see you perhaps next year with some “fruits” of my practice.
Take care of you and your precious family.
Many greetings from Nuremberg
~ Your student Siggi, Frankfurt, 2006

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