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“Who never made a mistake never made a discovery.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Healthy New Year

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By Andrea Mayer

It’s that time of year when everywhere you turn there’s a holiday party, a late night outing, sweets brought into the work place & cooking baking traditions. You are constantly getting bombarded with poor food choices. You don’t have to be put into a sugar induced coma or gain the average 7 pounds (or 3.5 kg) during this holiday season. Making some small changes or adjustments to your routine can really help.

Ensure that you are drinking enough fluids. Teas, water and fluid filled foods like soups will help to curb off hunger and keep your body hydrated so that it can function to its full potential. If you think you feel hungry or are tempted by that sugar cookie, drink a glass of water or have a cup of tea. See if it truly was hunger or just thirst.

Take the opportunity to make a vegetable dish or salad for the work place or a holiday party. You can have fresh, healthy food that you know what the ingredients are because you made it. It will also guarantee that there is a dish that you will be comfortable eating and then you can eat smaller portions of the others.

Get adventurous with cooking & baking. Find some recipes that call for adding vegetables in the brownie mix or cutting half the fat & sugar because it uses bananas or applesauce instead. This can be a time to make your own traditional baked goodies for the holiday season. Make it fun.

Take a short walk after your lunch or evening meal. This will help stop you from plopping yourself right in front of the TV or going straight in for a nap. Digestion needs some time to work and having some small movement like a walk will keep blood circulating and working to digest.

If you feel that you are having trouble digesting foods, get bloated easily or are eating a lot of different foods every meal, try to take a juice fast break once a week. It will allow your digestive system to have a break from so many different foods as well as give you proper nutrients throughout the day.

What stop now? You can make all these little changes in your holiday season of a month. That’s about how long it takes to make a new activity a habit. So keep it going throughout the New Year. You can start making more positive changes in your life. Adding some more enjoyable movement activities or exercise routine could be your goal. Maybe you need some help with a true kick start for your health which you can come for a Detox Program here at Samahita. The choices of positive changes are endless, just keep your eyes & heart open to them.

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