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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
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“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” ~ Anonymous
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Centered Foundation Goals

  • To help our local community in which we live and work
  • To give back to mother nature and protect the environment and animals
  • To support the under privileged such as children, elderly and the forgotten
  • To support education and philosophy of yoga as a way of life

Local Community

We believe in being part of the community we live and work in. As we are a family business, we strongly believe and support those within our staff, neighbor and community. Being in Thailand, we are surrounded by temples and the local schools. Our Karma yoga projects have been helping renovating local temples and schools since 2008. Our guests are also encouraged in teaching english and participating in local festivals.

Karma yoga projects
Karma yoga projects


Living by the sea and seeing the island development from a coconut plantation to a tourist island has its damaging effects on the environment. Endless trash gets washed up upon our shores daily and we see trees and forests are being destroyed. We have to do our part as human beings and promote responsible tourism and education to the local community. We conduct regular beach clean up projects around the island, plant trees and grow food on our farm and volunteer with our local animal rescue shelter.

Karma yoga projects
Karma yoga projects

Serve the Under Privileged

We are involved with many charities and organization that help raise funds and awareness towards human trafficking, children with HIV or special needs and refugees around the world. In 2010, we co-produced a film “Living with The Tiger” )

Rino heart charity

Education of Yoga

Through Centered Foundation, we have selected individuals over the years to receive a full or part scholarship for the Foundation Yoga Teacher Training course. These individuals were selected so that they can receive a full accredited education and knowledge to be able to share teaching of yoga and its benefits in order to serve others.

One of our partner organization is Krama Yoga in Phom Pehn, Cambodia. Krama Yoga is a Cambodia NGO run by young men and women who have changed their lives with yoga and now provide Kids Yoga, Teen Yoga and Yoga Therapy classes for other young Cambodians.

Yoga in Cambodia
Yoga in Cambodia