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“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” ∼ Marie Curie

Education in Yoga: Advanced Teacher Training  Courses

Centered Yoga 1100-hour and Yoga Alliance 300-hour accredited


The courses are open to all sincere students. Those who are not concerned about receiving credit hours may simply book through our reservations system. If, however, you are already a teacher with a 200-hour qualification, and you would like to raise your qualification to the next level (300-hour or higher) then the information on this page is for you.

The continuing education training modules are residential, and take place over a period of either one or two weeks. Successfully completed, each module earns credit of either 50 or 100 hours.

Centered Yoga Foundation Level (200-hour) graduates and graduates from other 200-hour trainings

A minimum of three 300-hour continuing education training modules post foundation training are required to apply for the 300-hour-level qualification. One of these modules must be Advanced Anatomy. The other two modules can be in philosophy, prenatal, Pranayama, or advanced Asana. One of these modules must be advanced anatomy, one must be pranayama. The third module can be in philosophy, prenatal, pranayama, or advanced Asana.

The student must successfully complete all three of these modules, which means attending all sessions, continuing to practice, and participating in the teaching/assisting sessions.

The student can complete more than three modules and continue to rise toward the Centered Yoga 1100-hour level.

For both Yoga Alliance and Centered Yoga, the necessary modules for the 300-hour level need to be completed within a three-year period from the date of taking the first advanced module.

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