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Tips for Newly Certified Yoga Teachers

Becoming a certified yoga teacher is a monumental step in your journey, but it is really only the beginning. Remember that yoga is a lifelong path, and you will always be both a teacher and a student. The best way to hone new skills is to live your practice every day.

Find opportunities to teach, even if they aren’t what you expect. Teach people you know. Substitute for regular teachers at your local studios, gyms, and community centers. Advertise on social media or put a class together in your neighborhood. Teach for free or for donations, and work your way up as you gain experience.

Make time for your own practice. Take a class at least once a month. Pair up with a friend who is at a similar level. Consider seeking advanced credentials. When you feel lost, ask for guidance, reach out to your fellow teachers and most importantly maintain your practice. Stay open and embrace the process like you did during training.

Established in 1999 by Paul Dallaghan, Centered Yoga is a Yoga Alliance registered school at both 200 hour Foundation and 500 hour Advanced Levels. Email us for more information on the training or retreats we offer at our Samahita Retreat in Thailand.

Tips for newly Certified Yoga Teachers, Centered Yoga


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