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Part II: Why Do a Detox Retreat?

Understanding the Language of Symptoms

~Tracy McDonald, Nutrition Specialist, Samahita Retreat

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Last month, I mentioned the more universal reasons for doing a detox retreat, including increasing pollution and degradation of our food, soil, air, water, and planet. “True health” is now widely considered an “absence of symptoms,” rather than vibrancy.

The good news is that there are things that you can do to reclaim your vibrant health once you understand that your symptoms are talking to you – in their own language – doing a detox retreat is one of them!

Our bodies are ALWAYS communicating with us, and when something is “off,” they let us know. Symptoms say: “Hey, you! Listen up! Something’s not right in here!” Symptoms tell us that we are obstructed and out of balance, and that something needs to change, otherwise the situation could get worse.

A useful measure of the body’s toxicity is potential hydrogen, or “pH.” This is a scale of 0-14 from acid to base, and how we know the body’s acid/alkaline balance. It tells us whether the body is healthy, or veering towards “dis”ease. We ought to be slightly alkaline at 7.4; if we are in the range of 7.35-7.45, we are probably OK; and if we are outside of that range in either direction, we are in trouble. Below 6.8 and above 7.8 a person will die, so there is actually not much wiggle room! Thankfully, your body will stop at nothing to maintain that 7.4 pH balance!

When we start to notice symptoms, we know that there is enough obstruction – created by toxins – to block the flow of our life force/ chi/ prana.  You can think of your body as you would a well-functioning city that has a sewer system to carry waste away and out so that everyone can enjoy the sights, culture and attractions. If the sewer system is over-burdened, and waste overflows into the parks and streets, then it is not going to be a vibrant, thriving city for long. Pretty soon, no one will want to go there, and it will just shut down – a shell of its former glory.

Our bodies are the same. We experience symptoms when the “sewage system” (like the liver – the largest detoxification organ in the body – and colon – the largest eliminative organ of the body) cannot cope with the amount of toxins present.

Why do our bodies have to deal with toxicity at all? Well, this is due to the universal reasons mentioned above, AND because of our genetics and personal choices.  (THIS is the part where it gets personal, and you can take responsibility for your own health!) Putting anything toxic: chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, food additives and colorings, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, caffeine, nicotine, cigarettes, and environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke and cleaning products – into your body, or being exposed to them repeatedly is an obstruction-creating and symptom-producing situation.

Your body has to work very hard to remove toxins so that they do not do any damage, or disrupt your natural flow (that vibrancy). The greater the abundance of toxins, the harder the body has to work to remove them.

If there is simply too much toxin for the body to process and eliminate, it will make those toxins less dangerous by syphoning them off from the main arteries and channels (for instance, the central nervous system and vital organs) into adipose tissue (fat), where they can be less disruptive to our chi/ life force/ prana/ flow. However, an overabundance, as with any over-burdened sewage system, will eventually overwhelm the system, and then we start to experience “symptoms.”

Symptoms of obstruction (i.e. toxicity) may include, and are not limited to: fatigue, headaches, migraines, skin challenges (eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, boils, excessively pale or ruddy complexion, discolorations, etc), digestive problems (bloating, gas, cramps, heart burn, gastric reflux, sluggish/ slow digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, colitis, Crohn’s Disease, gall stones, kidney stones, etc), alterations in cognitive function (reduced mental clarity, fuzziness, fogginess, lack of concentration/ focus), hormone imbalance (menstrual irregularities, mood swings, painful cramps, excessive PMS/ PMT), nervous system imbalance (anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc), metabolic imbalance (rapid and/ or severe weight gain or loss), heart disease, liver disease, autoimmune disease, and pain.

These symptoms, and many more, indicate a level of toxicity in the body that is simply too much to handle, and the body is crying out for HELP.

If you are experiencing one or more than one of these symptoms, a detox retreat could be the HELP that you need to get you back to Square One and reclaim your vibrancy! What better way to re”treat” yourself than on a week-long date with YOURSELF. A detox retreat is a short term investment in your immediate happiness, it reduces stress and will give you tools for coping with toxicity in your life; and in the long term, can enhance your vitality, longevity, vibrant health and well being.

Doing a Detox Retreat is not only preventative health care, it is nourishing for the mind, body and soul, and it is a great gift to yourself for cleansing all those toxins that are obstructing your chi/ life force/ prana/ flow.

Samahita Retreat is hosting the next detox retreat
in July: If this sounds like just the thing you need in your life right now, we look forward to having you join us!

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