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“You can tell alot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jellybeans.” ~ Ronald Reagan
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Food Combining – An Easy, Painless Way to Cleanse

Tracy McDonald, Nutrition Specialist, Samahita Retreat

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Cleanses CAN be hard to follow, but they don’t have to be grueling! One of the very best ways to painlessly follow principles of cleansing is through daily food combining. Food combining becomes easy when you simply think of certain meals as “starch meals” and others as “protein meals.”

The thing with cleansing is that we want ease of digestion: in the average, ill-combined meal, only 60% of the food leaves the body, while the rest stagnates inside. The danger there is that as this stagnation builds up, meal after meal, and over time, waste impacts the walls of the colon and toxins finally seep into the body at large, creating a toxic environment that breeds “dis”-ease. The longer food stays in the body, the more dehydrated and “sticky”-into-the-body it becomes, so the best chance our food has of exiting is when it is eaten. Food combining helps to make food quick to digest, assimilate, and get rid of!

In food combining, the big “no-no” combination (which most of us are doing) is starch with animal protein (starches are your grains and starchy veg: e.g. bread, rice, cereals, potatoes, pumpkin, corn, and animal protein is your eggs, chicken, fish, meat). This can take 16-24+ hours transit time (i.e. time to “come out the other end”). For comparison, this is 10 times, or more, the amount of time it takes for simple fruits to exit, and 6 times, or more, the amount of time it takes a salad!

Most of us are eating such popular, hard-to-digest combinations as eggs with toast; chicken with rice; meat with potatoes. We don’t have to deprive ourselves – we just have to be smarter in how we combine them!

Look at your favorite meals in which you combine starches with animal protein, and see how you could separate these out into two separate meals: one starch, and one protein. For instance, if you love an omelette with toast for breakfast, try making your breakfast just the toast – you can add a pat of real butter for flavor and try to use superior grains such as whole sprouted grain bread. Then for lunch, you can have your omelette, just put it with a large salad, lots of raw veg and cold pressed virgin olive oil and lemon juice dressing.

The most easeful food combinations are: fruit on its own (avoid it after meals – it digests so quickly that it must be eaten first, otherwise it can ferment); nuts and seeds with dried fruit, banana, coconut meat, and raw veg; starches with veg (raw or cooked) and avocado; animal protein (including dairy) with non-starchy veg (raw or cooked); legumes with starches, veg (raw or cooked), and avocado.

Food combining can help you lose weight and feel lighter, two great benefits of cleansing. You will know if you are combining properly if you eliminate within a couple of hours of each meal. Combining your foods for digestive ease is a painless way of cleansing every day!

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