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May 2014: Samahita Retreat News & Education

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your messages of support regarding the political situation in Bangkok.

We have been through this a few times over the past 12 years in Thailand. Martial law has occurred in between governments and now the military coup is in effect to try to resolve political differences between the parties. Despite the political uncertainty, this has never impacted Koh Samui. Travel in and out of Thailand is normal as well as Samui. Our retreats and programs are on as planned.

As I look at the CNN headlines I see a line exclaiming a “military coup” in Thailand along side a photo of a young Bangkok lady hugging a soldier. Behind her are some tourists laughing. Perhaps a photo is worth a thousand words. I am well aware that when reading news items about what’s happening on the ground one tends to follow the word and picture described. It is very clear that the Thai Military have taken control of the administration while the two main political parties are incapable of a solution. The Thai constitution gives them this right. It comes down to who is controlling the administrative arms. This “coup”, one of many since 1930, is a fairly perfunctory affair: democratic government exists without a leader so the military step in. Back in 2007 it was a complete ousting of the then prime minister, Thaksin. This case is much lighter, albeit newsworthy. On the ground it is normal daily life. On Ko Samui it is as normally functional and relaxed as ever. I would say the biggest disruption is to government employees. All this is to say that we have seen this and more a number of times over the 11+ years of life at Samahita Retreat. There is no disruption or safety concern to our center or any guests though we fully understand any concerns people may have. If we felt the situation was any different, or goes that way, we will be swift in informing as such.
Wishing you all well.


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