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“The determined man finds the way, the other finds an excuse or alibi.” ~ Anonymous
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March 2014: Finding Purpose and Meaning

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Hello friends,

A very well established researcher I will be working with has done some interesting work on the effect of meaning in one’s life over mere pleasure or happiness. On a personal, subjective scale it appears that people respond in a similar way when asked about the effect of feeling from either things of purpose in one’s life or things of mere enjoyment. And I should stress both are important. However, when the same people’s blood samples were analysed for a particular gene expression that affects certain molecules of the body’s inflammatory response, these two showed up as polar opposite. In short, the meaning aspect in one’s life managed and reduced inflammatory response. Meaning, purpose in your life matters.

This leads into me introducing you to a unique and great yoga group in Cambodia who teach many of the kids from the slums, do outreach, work with other NGOs, and also give opportunities to young men and women to get into yoga, even teach, who otherwise might only have miserable circumstances to choose from.

We can change people’s hearts, which is important, but it is also important to change the material circumstances. Samahita Retreat supports and sponsors Krama Yoga Cambodia and we encourage you to too. A simple donation. Later, if you have time, even being able to volunteer there. But they need dollars to run the place and continue to outreach. So please join us in helping them.

Wishing you all the best as we head into April – the year is flying along. As Ammachi says, don’t wait to do something good, do it NOW.



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