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“The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime.” ~ Sogyal Rinpoche
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January 2014: Happy New Year

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Dear friends,

A Happy New Year to you. We hope you had a good conclusion to the year that passed and can start this one from a renewed and fresh place. It is true that everyday can be an occasion to change habits we are tired of. We can also continue a mode of life that is now helpful to ourselves and others. Taking care of ourselves is important, hence diet, sleep, and practice. Thinking of and caring for others is as important and just as effective for our health and inner development. Giving through charity is a great way to do so. I am sure this is part of your life already. I would just like to introduce you to a man the Dalai Lama calls “his hero”.

Richard Moore, from Derry in Northern Ireland, was blinded by a British soldier’s rubber bullet at the age of 10, at the height of the “troubles” in Ireland (1972). He exemplified forgiveness and compassion, living it, years later even meeting up with the man who shot him. The Dalai Lama feels here is someone who embodies these ideals, lives them, while most of us talk nicely about them. Richard set up his own charity a number of years ago, to help children who didn’t have the support he had when growing up. His charity, Children in Crossfire, does great work in Africa. I encourage you to go on to his website,, and consider donating something, whether a one-off or a recurring amount. The appeal to me is that the funds pass through minimal layers to reach the intended children and families. Maybe we can’t all go to Africa and help directly but we can through different mediums. Included here is a photo of myself with Richard back in October, when he and the Dalai Lama visited Emory University. He is a good man doing good work.


Paul Dallaghan and Richard Moore
Paul Dallaghan & Richard Moore
Richard - Dalai Lama
Richard Moore & Dalai Lama


May the year go well for you. It is easy to “forget” some of those commitments you just made as life is tricky but I think with the shifts in how the greater energy around and through us is working it is becoming much harder to avoid looking at and working on ourselves. So make it easier for you by keeping up those promises.

May your heart be open, your head clear, and your will strong.

Love and Om

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