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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
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“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe,and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~ A.A. Milne


by Dorien Israel

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“True communication is done with the heart; all else is noise made to make your mind feel as if you are not alone in this world of illusion.”

It is time for fewer words, not more. It is in the moment when no words are spoken that truth is most available to you. When you are engaged in the act of passion, when you are in meditation, when you are at rest. These are the times when you are closest to expressing the only thing that needs communication – love… love of self, love of other, love of God.

Words are necessary, but the simpler the message, the more accurate the meaning and the more precise the understanding. From all things that are real come truth, even without speech. The earth, the sky, the sea, the air, the babe that suckles, and the child that sleeps speak to you without words and your soul has no difficulty interpreting their message. Attempt to dissuade others from their point of view no longer through your words, for they truly cannot understand your language. Allow others to have their own direction and you take yours, trusting that you both will meet at a place destined to bring you together in a more meaningful way.

Walk your path, and allow others to walk their way. Know that all paths are sanctioned by God, that in reality it is God who has chosen to walk both paths to experience each. In giving this freedom, you lose the need for constant approval of others and the unforgiving urge to correct and judge. In giving this freedom, you set yourself and others free from lonely, unsatisfying attempts to nurture your spirit with words, and you begin to listen instead to the small, still voice within you.

If you understood the power of the spoken word uttered in anger, none of you would use it in the abasement of each other, self, the earth, or God. Your spoken words are invisible and because you cannot touch, smell, hear, or taste them, you believe they have no force or energy. These are primitive criteria, and there is much truth and beauty existing beyond their reach. The guns, the arsenals, the wars, your personal defenses, no matter how sophisticated or deadly you believe them to be, are as a “no thing” when compared to the power contained in one word expressing as the open heart.


In the beginning there was the word, the word was with God, and the word was “good.” Literally, the word was “good,” pronounced and declared throughout the universe. The word, the thought, the command, the expression, came from the first Source and it was spoken as the word “good.”

Go today and say less with your words and more with your eyes, with your heart, with your gestures, with your intentions. Know that the only word the soul can hear is “good,” and that all other words are meaningless or do damage to your body.

“Good, Good, Good” – say these words to self and all you meet today and see the release in their eyes, for there will be a remembrance of that word from the inception of creation resounding through the cosmos. “It is good.”

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