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Why Do a Detox Retreat?

Part I: The World Today and Our Need to Detox
by Tracy McDonald, Nutrition Specialist, Samahita Retreat

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There are many benefits of devoting a week of your life to YOURSELF – both short and long term.

In the short term, gifting yourself a week of your own time sends your mind-body-spirit the message “I am worth it,” which has many positive repercussions in your life.

In the long term, it is being shown that stress-reducing practices are preventative against ill health and “dis”-ease, having demonstrable effects on health and well-being.

And one of the VERY BEST ways of gifting yourself with vibrant health is by devoting a whole week to rejuvenating with a Detox Retreat at Samahita Retreat!

Our Detox Retreats are world class – set in a beautiful landscape on the Koh Samui waters, we mix real-life practice (yoga and pranayama) with practical information about detox for the mind-body-spirit – providing you a truly holistic experience.

In this 2-minute clip, our 7-day Detox guest, Claudia Tank, tells you why SHE would recommend a Samahita Detox Retreat!

How do you know you need to detox?

The truth is that in today’s toxic world, everyone could stand to detox. No matter your lifestyle, unless you have been living in a cave, or some pristine environment your whole life – raising your own food and living far from our chemical-ladden civilization – you could benefit from cleansing!

Over the last few decades, our soil, food, air and water supplies have rapidly degraded and become more polluted, and our bodies (which are a reflection of and microcosm of our planet), are working overtime to maintain the “status quo.”

And in our world today, “status quo” means “functional.”

Functional. Not vibrant.

And “functional” means passable.

Do YOU want to live in a “passable” body with a “passable” bill of health and in a “passable” life???

We say: NO, NO, NO!!! AND, the truth is, have we ever, in this moment or another, accepted “what the ‘experts’ say” and resigned ourselves to living with this ache or that pain, this diagnosis or that disease, this modified movement or that tamped-down expression or some other held-back state of being – because we have been told that the most we can hope for is “freedom from symptoms.” Doesn’t sound like much “freedom” to me! And this is supposed to be the picture of true health!

Do YOU want to live a life in which “true health” is defined as “the absence of symptoms” ???

Let’s take another view for a moment and say that vibrant health can be defined as a free flow of life force energy, chi, or prana. When our life force/ chi/ prana pulsates unobstructed through a clean, healthy system, we feel fantastic and there is nothing that equals it! And it is in fact our birthright to feel this way all the time!

We begin to glimpse this experience when we do a practice, such as yoga, pranayama or meditation. Such practices, which are cleansing in themselves, help to open up the channels that free up our life force energy.

Detox is an important tool, along with yoga, pranayama, meditation, to help us clean up and clear out, and allow that life force energy to flow. Detox uses different tools, such as eating clean, “healthy,” alkaline foods, and eliminating through the bowels using psyllium husk shakes, enemas and colonics to achieve the same end.

How does detox work?

Detox clears obstruction, created by toxic build-up in the body, which inhibits that flow. It does this by stirring up old, stagnant toxins, mobilizing them, and flushing them out of the system, leaving it clean and clear.

On a Detox Retreat, we hit toxicity holistically and from every angle: mind, body and spirit, because when you shift one, you shift all three. Specifically, you will learn:

  • Yoga and cleansing practices to help restore balance to your system
  • What is toxicity – and what is detoxification
  • Why detox & how you know you need to
  • How to recognize symptoms of toxicity before they become overwhelming
  • How to bring cleansing practices into your everyday life
  • How to know when you need to cleanse again
  • The importance of elimination practices to cleansing
  • The role of optimal digestion/ assimilation/ elimination for vibrant health
  • Different methods of detoxification
  • The benefits of colon hydrotherapy
  • Natural cycles of detox in your life – when you ought to detox on a yearly basis
  • The “bare bones” needed for an efficacious detox
  • How super-foods can be powerful aids to detoxification
  • What supplements support detoxification
  • Levels of cleansing: mind, body, and spirit
  • How to maintain a practice and how to detox at different life and hormonal stages
  • How to deal with real-life challenges & obstacles to developing a cleansing practice

You will also receive:

  • Personal support to the level that you wish to cleanse during the retreat
  • Nutritional overview with suggestions for moving forward
  • Dietary advice for post-detox
  • Guidance for post-retreat: how to carry on the principles of detox in your daily life
  • Emotional support for the challenges of cleansing
  • Understanding of the energetics of cleansing: out with the old, in with the new
  • Tools around the power of setting intentions in cleansing
  • Demonstration of and instruction of certain yogic and pranayama practices
  • Individualized attention to your needs in your personal practice

If this article has re-inspired you to view YOUR health as a free-flow of life force energy, as opposed to an “absence of symptoms,” then please join me at Samahita Retreat, for a one-week, life-changing re-TREAT FOR YOURSELF to revitalize your life force!

April 12th-19th
July 26 – August 2, 2014

Part II: Why Do a Detox Retreat? – Understanding the Language of “Symptoms”- will appear in the next newsletter)

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