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Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand
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“You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.” ~ Harvey Firestone
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November 2014: Samahita Retreat News & Education

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Dear Friends,

At some point you’re bound to think it,what’s all this practice for? The effort put in, if you’re regular, or the stochastic dance, if you’re “on and off”. And then if I keep this upwill it really pay off? Perhaps it’s like a relationship where after being soset in it for so many years it loses its mark, appeal, magic, charm, meaning,some of those, all of those. All this brings me to the attitude of the yogi, orsomeone who aspires to be engaged in this process. One thing I am sure of, itdoes lead to exceptional “internal” shifts. This does not come from astraight line of practice, often considered under a uni- or bi-variablepractice, like asana and sitting for example. The easiest way to solve this isto take the advice of the teacher who has made their way (under guidance) downthis path. The challenge there is being presented with an authoritativeteacher, perhaps very good at a technique (such as asana) but has no claim tothe way of the path. Without it at some point other things of life come up andshift our focus. It’s only natural. And that’s why this is a bit tricky andsubsequently why we will question what it’s about. I know it’s good for myhealth or body or mind but at a certain point I might feel it’s not good forany one or all of those. It is fair to say that as human beings we tend toattach some goal to most things we do. Not that nothing happens from practicebut to deepen the goalless state of it needs to be realized. There is a bigdifference between that and having a purpose. For instance, pranayama has avery profound purpose not so much a goal, just like a parent feeding theirchild has a purpose as opposed to a goal: “If I feed them they will begreat in life”, “if I practice it will happen”. Well, it mightnot and your kid also decides to do something else (like yoga!!!). Be in whatyou are doing each day, know why, but there is no pressure that it must reachthis or that level. It needs to continue. And by doing so it starts to fulfillits purpose. What you do in practice will shift and change as time moves along.Which is why it is best to be guided, properly and knowledgeably.


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