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“Most people like to hear sounds they are used to.” ~ Yoko Ono


By Elonne Stockton

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A thought is a vibration. It is sound; it is noise. It has the power to change our physical make-up, as our cells and atoms start to resonate with sound. When the atoms resonate, the new noise echoes and attracts similar vibrations.

Protect your inner dialogue; safeguard your thoughts. Don’t listen to any negativity in your head. All your doubts, fears, delusions are only noise. Don’t let them become your mantra, don’t let them take over and become who you think you are, don’t let them define you.

Don’t believe the negative words of others. Don’t take on their vibrations. Criticizers are but victims of their own noise. Feel pity for them, offering compassion rather than resentment. And be secure in knowing that they cannot define you or dictate your life for you.

You can choose to turn all the music off, to allow no noise in. It may not be easy; it may, in fact, require all the strength you have. But you can create your own positive mantra. Be the sound you want to attract in this world. Feel the beauty you want to bring in your heart. Tell yourself you are worthy of everything good in this world. And then let it all go, because even positive thoughts are nothing but vibration.

If thoughts, the mind, are so capable of vacillating that they can be affected by sound – and worse, by other people’s sound — then how can the thoughts be real? It is said that one of the best forms of svadyaya/Self study is the repetition of Om/mantra work. When we observe the nature of sound, it helps us understand our own impermanence and our true relationship to passing thoughts.
This can give us insight into who we truly are

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