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“You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.” ~ Harvey Firestone
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July 2015: Samahita Retreat News & Education

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Dear Friends,

Paul and Patthabi JoisThe July full moon is always considered the time when one honors and remembers their teacher, particularly their spiritual teacher. This day is known as Guru purnima. July 2015 is unique as it has two full moon periods within the same calendar month. One has passed us in early July and revealed an incredible red- to- orange- to- golden orb, which rose above the sea line here at Samahita. The coming full moon is on July 31st and is considered Guru purnima. With that I offer my humble thanks and loving respect to my own teacher, Tiwariji, who has been a most dedicated and helpful guide and friend on this path inward as well as in many elements of my own life. It is very hard to verbalise such a relationship but love, care, attention and respect is a big part of it.

Guru purnima was also the traditional birthday every year of Pattabhi Jois, my other main teacher in the yogic practices. Based on our current calendar methods his birth was July 16th but in the Indian system it coincided with the full moon and that of the teachers day. Specially, this year is his 100th birthday. Though he passed away on May 18, 2009, his influence, teaching, and many remembered words and phrases live on among so many of the dedicated students who learnt the asana practice and more with him. Please join me in remembering a great teacher, a lovely man, and celebrate 100 years that helped spread the message of yoga and the system of ashtanga vinyasa.

Though we should always be careful to not attribute world movements and yoga growth to one person there are for sure some key figures who gave the hours of their life to it. It is to that I humbly bow to my teachers with thanks.

If I were to fuse the teachings of both it would result in the following:

Practice with Awareness …… my friends.



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