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“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” ~ Robert Frost
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December 2012 : A wild ride.

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Dear Friends,

2012 has been an interesting year. All that life can offer reveals itself in the day by day stuff, including the highs and the lows. But how do we respond to these shifts? It’s not for me to tell you! All I know is that I aim to stay centered and see what hits me as I go through each day. It hurts to lose people close to you. As I watch on the TV the lives of innocent children taken I can’t help but cry. At the same time I know life offers up this as well as much beauty. There is blessing in everything.  As I lay in bed the other day (don’t worry, not for too long or too late!) I realized, I couldn’t lay claim to knowing anything. I saw in front of me what I had to do, as there was nothing else I knew.  To get up and do whatever is needed on that particular day. Some days it’s a heavy workload while other days are filled with recreation. I feel, at least, I have learned to enjoy both. I may prefer one over the other but at least this centeredness has found itself.

I am urged to write this not to preach or lecture but only to offer that life has its difficulties but we can find a center and feel joy. The Buddha may have stated that life is duhkha, pain and suffering, but he did not mean we cannot find joy and peace. Of course we can. And the only way is to find it right in the midst of the things we have to go through. For this 2012 has been an interesting year.  According to some, it was the Year of the dragon. When I looked that up it said, “get ready for a wild ride”. Well now it is time to close off 2012 and complete the Chinese calendar in February. If after the wild ride we can enter a new year with a sense of centeredness, then it has been an incredible year. Finding something that could take decades in more normal years. May we all be more robust and clear as we continue getting up and doing whatever is needed today.

Wishing you a happy entry in to the new year of 2013.

Lots of love, peace and joy.


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